40 Days of Writing, day 2: Lent, 2015

February 20, 2015

Oh Death.  You are a jerk.  Really.  You never seem to be late.  You always seem to come too soon- at least too soon for those who are left behind.  I hate you.  I hate the waiting and then the event and then the picking up the pieces.  I am not even close by or even really that close to either of them but she was a classmate of mine.  And the one that left us last week was a coworker of mine in the past.  These are people I know, that I love, that I have shared meals and prayers with and you are just so damn rude to come in and bust up our little party.  So I will remember them both this evening, I already have.  And I will lament the words I should have said, the notes I should have sent and I will bow to the mystery that is you and give thanks that I believe in a savior that conquered death- although that is not something I should be thinking about right now in the season of Lent.  But it is what I hold on to.  It is where I find some kind of comfort.  It is in the telling of their stories that they will continue to live on in our words, our thoughts, our remembrances and in the ways they have touched our lives that will be revealed in the years to come.

OH God!  Be gentle with those of us who mourn.  Comfort those who are shaking their heads, who are weeping, who are shaking their hands at you this evening.  Be gentle with this heart who is mourning 2 beautiful women, 2 very loving and faithful women.  Be gentle with me even though my language with you is not so gentle.  I know that with time I will come to know that for both of them the passing from this life to the next was a blessed relief of the bodies that held them prisoner.  But I’m not there- not quite yet.

May the souls of Charlotte Ann Harrill, The Rev. Jennifer Ronan Durant and all the departed rest in peace and rise in glory.  And may Death take a holiday tomorrow.

Oh Lord, hear my prayer.


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